• Cable cutters

    Cable cutters

    Our sophisticated cable cutters include leverage tools, ratchet cable cutters as well as hydraulic cutters. They are all produced in Southern Germany. We also realize special customer wishes if possible.

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  • Wire rope cutters

    Wire rope cutters

    Our customers in the elevator, sailing and forestry branch as well as the industry get into the quality and technical know-how of our wire rope cutters. He can choose between leverage, ratchet or even hydraulic tools.

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  • Bolt cutters

    Bolt cutters

    Sophisticated bolt cutters especially for the pre-stressed concrete application.

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  • Plate punchers

    Plate punchers

    These tools are reliable and useful tools for punching plates for example for control panels. Punching up to 3 mm stainless steel plate is possible with this hydraulic gear.

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  • Hydraulic pumps

    Hydraulic pumps

    Without reliable pump no work. Our customers therefore use the BAUDAT hydraulic pumps Made in Germany. You can find hand, foot, motor and battery pumps in our range for the different applications starting at 450 bar up to 700 bar.

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  • Special tools

    Special tools

    This is our specialty! Our longtime experience and technical know-how in the range of manual or hydraulic tools has a beneficial effect for our customers.

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News & Exhibitions

Video Wire rope cutter SCSZ20

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Video Cable cutter SC40

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July 2016

This year we celebrate 50 years BAUDAT anniversary. 1966 from founding year of BAUDAT until today in 2016 we were treading a successful path together with you as reliable partners and customers. We take this opportunity to thank you therefore and to show our appreciation through our planned event. It takes place Saturday, 30. July 2016 in Friedrichshafen at the Lake of Constance.

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